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My Hands Remember

Wingtip Labs is hard at work on a course called My Hands Remember MySQL. This is a story about where that name comes from, and how it shapes a course that kicks dry theory to the curb in favor of hands-on experience.

The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle.

After working at Yahoo! for six years as an IT Architect, I spent a year in the Technology & Operations TechLearn team. We created courses to teach Yahoo! employees how to use customized or proprietary technologies.

Part of the gig was talking to the best and brightest engineers, and seeing what parts of the infrastructure gave them trouble, and how we could help with training or documentation.

So I’m having this conversation with a very bright service engineer, and he says “Look, I’m sure these video-on-demand courses you guys build are great, but I’m telling you that I’ve never sat through one, and if I had, I probably wouldn’t remember anything from it. If I’m going to learn a technology, I need to do something with it. My hands have a better memory than I do.

This wasn’t a novel sentiment, but the way he expressed it got in my head. So when I founded Wingtip Labs, it became a succinct way to express our mission:

The first course in the “My Hands Remember” series will be My Hands Remember MySQL. If you want to hear about it when we launch, please sign up for our Product Newsletter using the form on the right.